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On Thursday, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer told reporters that he and Schwarzenegger had discussed the accusations and Lockyer said he urged that the governor-elect to have an independent third party investigate them.

Schwarzenegger spokesman Rob Stutzman criticized Lockyer, saying he had violated attorney-client privilege by revealing the contents of their private meeting and announced that Schwarzenegger had already decided to hire an independent firm to look into the allegations, fulfilling a campaign promise.

Stutzman said the governor-elect was "extremely disappointed" in the attorney general's actions.

But Rep. David Dreier, R-California, and a co-chair of Schwarzenegger's campaign and transition committee, said he would not characterize the situation between the newly elected governor and Lockyer as a "falling out."

"They're looking forward to a strong working relationship," he told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

A spokeswoman for Lockyer said Thursday there was no breach of attorney-client privilege in Lockyer's revelations.

"The attorney general was giving advice to a friend," said spokeswoman Hallye Jordan. "There is only one governor at a time. He (Schwarzenegger) has not been sworn into office."

From this passage, we learn that

a) the Attorney General of California is not Arnold Schwarzenegger's personal attorney

b) the Attorney General of California is not the California Governor's personal attorney

c) Governor-elect Schwarzenegger is not currently the Governor of California

d) Attorney General is not an appointed position

e) It's much more difficult to tell people what to do when you can't have them fired

f) Governor-elect Schwarzenegger might should have taken a quick civics class before taking executive control over the fifth largest economy in the world

g) Not enough information

As a result of Mr. Lockyer's technical lack of malfeasance, Governor-elect Schwarzenegger may not release the results of his privately-funded investigation of himself.

I hope he can trust himself not to talk.


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