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Oh, god, no. - Sisyphus Shrugged
Lasciate ogni speranza and put your feet up.
Oh, god, no.
Remember wilding?

On the night of April 19, 1989, the youths gathered for a night of "wilding," in which they roamed through Central Park, attacking runners and bicyclists at random. Then they spotted the jogger.

Brutally beaten and raped, the jogger lost three-quarters of her blood and was in a coma for 12 days. When she testified at the trial, she had lost all sense of smell and balance. She suffered from double vision, and amnesia prevented her from identifying her attackers.

In confessions made to the police, the five boys fingered each other as being involved in the attack on the jogger. In the summer of 1990, a court convicted Antron McCray, 16, Yusef Salaam, 16, and Raymond Santana, 15, of rape, robbery and assault. In a later trial, a jury convicted Kevin Richardson, 16, and Kharey Wise, 18, and they were sentenced to five years in prison. A sixth teenager in the group, Steve Lopez, 15, pleaded guilty to attacking a different, male jogger.

Remember how any time more than one minority kid acted up in public for, like, a year afterwards, someone was sure to say they were wilding?

Looks like they didn't do it.

Someone else has confessed. In detail. His DNA matches the DNA found on the jogger.

They said at the time that the police behaved badly to get those confessions.

No-one believed them.

I didn't believe them.

I feel frozen right now. It doesn't help, though.
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psymonetta From: psymonetta Date: September 6th, 2002 08:07 am (UTC) (linkie thing)
oh god...I almost saw it coming.
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 6th, 2002 11:40 am (UTC) (linkie thing)
It is less clear from the NY Times account that the five menin question are innocent. Or, given the many crimes committed tht night, Gene Hackman's question from "Unforgiven" comes to mind: "Innocent of what?".


The MinuteMan

NY Times link: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/09/06/nyregion/06JOGG.html
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 6th, 2002 12:38 pm (UTC) (linkie thing)

Innocent of what?

Apparently innocent of raping and beating the jogger. That's what they were charged with, and now it appears that they didn't do it. If they had lived in Texas, they would have been dead now.
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 7th, 2002 10:28 am (UTC) (linkie thing)

Times follow-up on wilding

The NY Times has yet another account today. They are a long way from concluding that these guys are innocent.

Will this link work? Let's see.


Also, the accused were 14 to 16 at the time. I'm not a Texas lawyer, but I don't think Texas is executing juveniles for rape and assault.


From: sterlingnorth Date: September 10th, 2002 08:33 am (UTC) (linkie thing)

"Innocent of what?"

'Innocent of what?', some ask. That's a cute phrase. "They might be guilty, but not of crimes accused. They were sentence to jail, so they must be guilty.

What ever happened to presumption of innocence? Whatever happened to reasonable doubt? From what I'm reading now is that the sole piece of evidence used in the trial is questionable, but hey-- guilty until proved innocent. The American Way!
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 10th, 2002 04:28 pm (UTC) (linkie thing)
I think the primary evidence was the five videotaped confessions. I am a big believer in innocent until proven guilty. These five have, in fact, been found guilty. At this point, the presumption of innocence is gone, and it is not reasonable to expect their immediate exoneration simply because some element of doubt has been introduced after the fact. NYC is reviewing this: is it your opinion that the entire review is a waste of time, and that the City should simply apologize today? These five have long since been released - Is there a compelling reason to exonerate them now, rather than after a careful review?


Tom Maguire
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 16th, 2002 02:56 am (UTC) (linkie thing)

They didn't do it all, anyway

Reyes confessed to the rape, but did he do the entire crime? I'm not sure, but it would seem that someone was beating the crap out of joggers in Central Park that night, and it might have been those kids. Reyes might have done the whole thing or he might have taken advantage afterward.

In any case whether a miscarriage of justice occurred is not in debate. The kids would have been let go years ago for a mere beating.
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