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support the troops watch - Sisyphus Shrugged
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support the troops watch
Guess what else the Pentagon can't be troubled to pay for?
Did you know that the Republicans are also responsible for the poor quality Kevlar helmets our troops were issued? There’s a problem with our troops’ Kevlar helmets. Operation Helmet explains that over 65% of the injuries and deaths come from the blast and secondary shrapnel effects of bombs and IEDs.
The "360-degree" war our troops face right now deals with an enemy that uses high explosives from all quarters to inflict casualties from blast force and large primary and secondary frags from vehicles, concrete, buried cannon shells, RPG's etc. The strap suspension allows the helmet to 'rock' on the head, making violent contact with the skull in an area about the size of a ball-peen hammer. The impact, if severe enough, causes skull fractures, intracranial bleeding, and/or concussions resulting in death or disabling injuries.
Now, anyone who’s actually worn a helmet in the field and been subjected to the bonking that results from normal activity can understand that combat increases the head knocking by a factor of 10. The chinstrap just isn’t enough to stabilize the helmet, We’ve known this since WW II, and the intermediate solution was the helmet liner, with its partial webwork inside. It seems the Kevlar helmets issued today don’t have a good interior webwork. But there is a solution:
Change the unstable suspension system for a shock-absorbing pad suspension system with a stronger chin and nape strap. The pad suspension system suspends the helmet on impact-resistant highly engineered pads to provide 'standoff', comfort, and stability. The helmet does not contact the skull directly, with the pads absorbing and spreading out the blow. This upgrade prevents or cushions the trooper's head from blast/fragment impact, spreads contact over a wider area and can save lives and prevent disability.
Helmets coming out of the factory today have these shock-absorbing pads, and are being issued to the active duty Army. It seems the Marines, Navy Corpsmen, Air Force ground troops, and Special Ops helicopter crews are still issued the older helmets. It’s a matter of cost. The Republicans can’t afford to pay for all the pads systems needed, (probably because Halliburton and Bechtel are still charging $48.50 per meal served in their kitchens.)
Operation Helmet provides helmet upgrade kits free of charge to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as to those ordered to deploy in the near future. Emails come in every day from Marines, their Navy medics and Air Force Special Ops and ground security forces asking for this added measure of protection they need, deserve and should have.

Now, as Jeff’s article pointed out, it seems troops are being threatened with disciplinary action if they spend their own money to buy adequate protection from bullets, rather than depend on the crap the Republicans are giving them. But it’s OK if we at home chip in to but some of these helmet pad systems.

C’mon, folks, we Progressives have a moral obligation to support the troops and try to save lives. The Republicans refuse to do it. It’s up to us. Click on Operation Helmet’s home page, look for the “Contribute” tab on the left margin and toss a few bucks into the pot. EVERY PENNY you contribute will go to buy a retrofit kit.

Throw a few bucks in the pot. Give someone a chance to come back whole.

Because they aren't paid very much for what they're doing, and you may be the only chance they have.
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pecunium From: pecunium Date: January 22nd, 2006 08:40 am (UTC) (linkie thing)
There's more too it than that.

For reasons having to do with the "transformation" we are being given the lighter, smaller, helmets. They have better suspension, but expose more of the back of the neck and head, which increases the fragments we get exposed to, and reduces shielding from blast.

jmhm From: jmhm Date: January 22nd, 2006 01:59 pm (UTC) (linkie thing)
so this is or isn't something people should do?
pecunium From: pecunium Date: January 23rd, 2006 05:38 am (UTC) (linkie thing)
Oh yes, they should do it.

My bitch was more about the total lack of planning/forethought/adjustement to facts on the ground.

They went to the lighter helemt to reduce fatigue. They then found out about the increase in brain injuries because of the lighter helment.

They've not gone back to the better helmet.

From: (Anonymous) Date: July 15th, 2006 05:49 am (UTC) (linkie thing)

New Helmet

As a former soldier, I can tell you that most of us prefer the new MICH helmet over the old PASG. Try shooting your weapon in prone position with old PASG wearing IBA vest. You will find that back of your helmet is pushed up by the armor vest, covering your eyes. I am sure soldiers did not have this problem until we start wearing the new armor vest. Another benefit of the new helmet...COMFORT. Most soldiers who wore the old kevlar helmet will tell you...I am talking about ones that wear them 24-7, how much pain it is..on top of that add 120 degree heat and see how they feel.
pecunium From: pecunium Date: July 15th, 2006 06:08 pm (UTC) (linkie thing)

Re: New Helmet

Speaking as a present soldier, the better solution is to modify the vest. There are damned few injuries from fragments/bullets, in the area the neck tabs/central neck covers. There are fatalities from the area the helmet no longer does.

The vest which I wore in Iraq had some of the same problems of the Interceptor body armor.

The army could go to Dragon Skin, which doesn't have that problem with the PASG, and stops more fragments, bullets and splash than the interceptor, and at a lower weight too.

From: (Anonymous) Date: February 7th, 2006 07:33 am (UTC) (linkie thing)


My battalion is ready to go and we do not have the balista kit to help us in the helmets that we need can anyone help me to get my troops these pieces before we deploy.
From: (Anonymous) Date: June 11th, 2006 09:14 pm (UTC) (linkie thing)

Re: Helmets

Just a couple of notes: Troops (i.e. soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines) can signup to receive an upgrade kit at no cost at www.operation-helmet.org. You folks out in the heartland of America can donate to support those troops at the same location. Bringing one of our heroes home safe and sound is better than cookies (not that there is anything wrong with cookies).

The helmets that our troops have today: the MICH, ACH, PASGT, and LWH are actually excellent helmets for stopping bullets. Problem is that's not what they are primarily getting hit with. It's impact and concussive injury from IED (bombs), vehicle accidents (sometimes caused by IEDs), falls and other related stuff. If you look inside most of the helmets, the label says: doesn't meet the ANSI Z90 requirements, don't use for motorcycle or recreational vehicles.

all the best! Mark from OpHelmet
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