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January 19th, 2008 - Sisyphus Shrugged
Lasciate ogni speranza and put your feet up.

via LGM, that deeply proletarian fellow Mr. Boehner (you can always tell by the deep midwinter farmer's tan and the truck driver's manicure) is upset that they're serving fancified stuff he cain't pronounce ner nothin in the House cafeteria
Members of Congress returning to the Capitol this week are being confronted by transformational happenings that have shaken the building to its foundations: Democrats have hired a new company to run cafeteria services. Naturally, this has caused an outbreak of partisan skirmishing.

"I like real food," proclaimed Republican leader John Boehner when asked about the new menu by a producer for another cable news outfit. "Food that I can pronounce the name of."

Boehner is now forced to wrap his lips around such phrases as "broccoli rabe and shaved persimmon," "balsamic glazed butternut squash," and "calico pinto beans"...all on this afternoon's menu, along with the downright patriotic "American Regional Yankee Pot Roast," which, even Boehner would have to admit, kind of rolls right off the tongue. On Fridays, there is a real sushi bar tended by a bona fide Japanese sushi chef. Gone are such grade-school cafeteria specialties as Salisbury steak and fried chicken, slathered in gravy and served with a side of chips.

Damn. Them is some tongue-tying food items right there. I guess Restaurant Associates, the "new company," isn't used to dealing with the unsophisticated palates of millionaire congressmen and the young lawyers who serve them. Most of their experience has been with running the fine dining establishments in such upscale venues as the Smithsonian museums, the Brooklyn Museum, the Liberty Science Center and that epicurian mecca the Leaping Frog Cafe at the Central Park Zoo. Oh, and the cafeterias at my dorm. They told me in the office once that the food they served us was much nicer than the food they served in the prison facilities they provided foodservice for.

Better they had done some field work and found out what kind of spare, austere food Republican lawmakers like to be fed for lunch. In the case of Mr. Boehner, it wouldn't have been too difficult. We have it from Mr. Abramoff that he was a regular lunch guest at Signatures (along with a number of other Republican officeholders who were comped for their meals by Mr. Abramoff).

This is some of the stuff Mr. Boehner's linguistic restrictions will allow him to order. Just, you know, for future reference. I'm guessing he pointed at the balsamic stuff. a crust and a flagonCollapse )
ahhhs. -- hmmm?
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